Baby Groot←Peter looks so pround! And Rocket may feel like his toddler just learned to talk :) Baby Groot is so precious!

Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark Star Wars reference.

So funny how Thor is carrying Loki in the top panel! Lol---not to mention Loki's expression on the last panel

If found frozen please return to Stark Tower-hahaha Steve Rogers(Captain America) and Tony Stark(Iron Man) and a little bit of Natalia Romanova (Black Widow) ~I can't get over the Iron Man scarf he's wearing.

Kiki's Delivery Service cosplay Use a broom and a trampoline (complete with a good camera angle) to get this picture.

Ace, Luffy's epic big bro from one piece! Honestly he's so cool (Ironic 'cuz he's a flameman)

Gabby D. on

Hiddleston, Cumberbatch, Fassbender - Loki, Khan, and Magneto dance the night away at the villain's ball.

Gajeel and Levy better start watching out for Lily xD

Fairy Tail - Gajeel, Levy and Lily panther - Good morning Pantherlily you're such a troll