Slide into the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily, Italy.

Slide into the Mediterranean at Citta del Mare

This slide is apparently at the Hotel Citta del Mare in Sicily. This slide is apparently at the Hotel Citta del Mare in Sicily.

100 Things to do this summer

100 Things to do this summer. Might just make it "summer idea's list" if I make it a checklist I will just do things to cross them off. This way if the kids say the dreaded "I'm booooored" I can say, "Let's look at the idea list" something like that.


Interests- I really want to go zip lining because I've always had a sense of adventure in me. I want to experience things that make my blood pump faster and make my brain jump with excitement, such as zip lining.

Bucket list - Go on a no-budget shopping spree. This would be insanely fun -- Especially given our present circumstances.


Bucket List - Spend an entire day technology free! Unplug the phones, computers, Playstations, and anything else we can't thing of.


Already saving up, my goal is to spend time volunteering in Africa next summer! Definitely on my bucket list

Change Someone's Life Bucket List - In any way, whoever it is, I want to change someones life for the better.

Under the stars <3

Growing up we used to camp on the St.Croix river and I hated sleeping in a tent so I'd sleep by the bonfire under the stars :)