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Please feel free to contact me with any questions about these Essential Oils! I would be happy to help you in your health goals.
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Roller Ball Remedies - with Family Physician Kit oils - Stress Less #lavender #peppermint #frankincense #doterra


Tuesday Tip-off! Douglas Fir can help promote feelings of clear airways and easy breathing. How do you use Douglas Fir essential oil? #douglasfirweek Note: When leaving a comment, please be compliant. This means that you can't mention any names of diseases, medications, or that essential oils cured or healed any ailments. For more information, review the doTERRA Quick Claims Guide and the Approved Claims List found on Any non-compliant claims will be removed.

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2 Ingredient Homemade Car De-Icer Spray - Removes Ice In Seconds [If we get that weird ice we had in TX last year (Mar '15), then I'm going to try this.]

2 Ingredient Homemade Car De-Icer Spray - Removes Ice In Seconds - Mom 4 Real

What is Melissa Essential Oil? Read this article to learn more about this precious essential oil and see why I love it so much! #doterra #essentialoil

What is Melissa Essential Oil?

How to Make Bath Bombs Without Citric Acid (with Pictures)

How to Make Bath Bombs Without Citric Acid | eHow

Have you ever had a spa scrub (or used a scrub from a bath and body store)? There’s something just absolutely heavenly about the way you feel. Personally,

Salt vs Sugar Scrubs: Which One You Should Use When (Plus A Few Easy DIY Recipes)

Cool Simple Colorful DIY Bath Bombs by DIY Ready at

How to Make DIY Bath Bombs | Lush Gift Ideas

DIY essential oil roll-on blends are so easy to create. They make fantastic handmade gifts as well! Click for 3 essential oil perfume recipes.

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Essential oil storage solution. Upper drawers hold homemade creams, roll-ons, and books.

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Free DIY Perfume Guide | 20 Essential Oil Perfume Recipes You’ll Love!

Free DIY Perfume Guide: 20 Essential Oil Perfume Recipes You'll Love!

Lavender-Peppermint, Spearmint-Patchouli, Orange-Vanilla, Patchouli-Bergamot-Cedarwood, Orange-Mint

The Best Essentail Oil Blends Recipes For Soap Making

DIY Peppermint Bath Bombs - great holiday gift! Can be made using Young Living Essential Oils: #spon

DIY Peppermint Bath Bombs

This Peppermint Sugar Scrub smells AMAZING and comes with a free printable gift tag!

Peppermint Sugar Scrub - Here Comes The Sun

Christmas diffuser blends doTERRA essential oils

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Today I will share with you some of our favorite 3 drop essential oil diffuser blends. I normally add 3 drops, but you can double up the drops if you like.

3 drop Essential Oil Diffuser Blends to try - Mommy Moment

Cozy fall and winter essential oil diffuser blends

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52 Ways to Stay Healthy with doTERRA's On Guard Essential Oil

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Eucalyptus Essential Oil Shower Melts

Eucalyptus Essential Oil Shower Melts - This Roller Coaster Called Life

Knowing when and how to dilute essential oils is an important part of essential oil safety. Read our latest blog post to learn more about how to use essential oils topically and how our new doTERRA Touch Kit (available to purchase October 1) is perfectly diluted to help make using essential oils safe and effective for you and your family. Click here to learn more:

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A diffuser blend that's just like a Sunday should be-- uplifting, bright, and fresh! Leave a comment below letting us know what your favorite uplifting diffuser blends are.

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How to Make Liquid Dishsoap. All natural dishwashing soap that will get your dishes sparkling clean and keep your hands soft! And another good cleaner is here:

How to Make Liquid Dishsoap - The Homesteading Hippy

A collection of 20 must have roller bottle blends for your essential oils!

20 Essential Oil Roller Bottle Recipes

DIY Perfume: 1. half an ounce of jojoba or sweet almond oil as carrier oil 2. two and a half ounces of ethanol, such as vodka 3. 2 tbsp of water 4. coffee filter 5. dark glass bottle 6. 25 drops of your chosen essential oil

Homemade Perfumes With Essential Oils

15 DIY Essential Oil Recipes - These are great for gifts or for yourself. From body scrub to shaving goodies for the men in your life.

15 DIY Essential Oil Recipes for the Holidays - Mama Natural

Essential oils for babies: Safety, remedies, and how to.

Super Oily – Using Essential Oils for Babies