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Every girl's dream

thetardis: “ Just spent four hours making this :D ” Every girl’s dream is to have a guy call her at 3 am just to say “hey, i just wanted to tell you that I am outside your window with the TARDIS and.

The Sound of Music: Star Wars Edition - Imgur

The Sound of Music: Star Wars Edition

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It’s Star Wars mania out there these days, but sadly I haven’t quite seen the new episode yet. I was going to go with my boys, but couldn’t find a sitter for my girls, so… Continue Reading

Star Wars Lunch Box Jokes

Harry Potter

Not even magic can fix this…

Totally printing these!! Going to include glow sticks :). Becca-ManApprovedValentines-StarWars

Man Approved Valentines

Free Printable STAR WARS Valentines- perfect for the hubby or Jesse. Starwars fan for LIFE!

A man after my heart... he's wearing a suit imitating the TARDIS. So geeky and so chic!

Tom Hiddleston in a tardis suit; your argument is invalid.<<what if my argument was that Tom Hiddleston would look impossibly sexy in a TARDIS suit?


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