I had a floor like this once. It's pretty but don't drop a valuable earing on it. It is IMPOSSIBLE to find it unless you get on your knees and swipe the floor with your hands in hopes to touch it to find it.


Man on one & women on the other pillowslip on inside edges so beside each other when pillows together

What’s funny about this – I didn’t notice the word ‘bittle’ until after completing this. And this is how it was quoted when I found it… Does anyone know if this is a real word? Head over and check out this weeks Top-Notch for a little ‘bittle’ of fun.


Substitute a deep green color on the wall behind computer: hang inspirational postcards amongst map pictures on wall. Splendid. On opposite wall, where the sofa bad sits, paint wall a cream color. Hang brown and blue images against a third cream wall.