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Your photos will never be the same - remove people from photos!  This is awesome.

not diy but i must remember this. Your Photos Will Never Be The Same - LoL Champ - Delete tourists from your travel photos with this Photoshop trick.

A quote from John Green. Applicable to everything in life, but especially art.

Ok a) I love John Green and his books b) I feel this quote right now:'( people suck! I can't believe I'm just realizing now what people can do to hurt me:'(

Dog treats vs poison. What to feed your dog and what to avoid.  If you or someone you know needs a dog sitter, use my coupon code: DOGGIEHAVEN2020 to get $20 off your first booking at

Dog Treats Vs Poison: A Pet Health infographic Dogs pets health

arranjos com velas

Super easy to DIY for the holidays, also a technique simple enought for your to adorn candles and create a unique centerpieces for your wedding or party. Fresh olive leaves tied with ribbon

stunning. would love to have a picture like this with my husband one day & hang it in my bathroom

would love to have a picture like this with my husband one day whenever I get married & hang it in my bathroom or bedroom. I love couple photos that are so intimate

There is no such thing as a perfect man or a perfect marriage. But the one I have is absolutely perfect... for me. – Happy Wives Club

I net with Dan + elizabeth in 2010 about this shoot. At the time, I just wasn't ready to shoot couples boudoir. I didn't see it and I wasn't sure how to shoot