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LOVE IT!! A trend that is on the rise is painting one nail different from the others, a.k.a an accent nail. It can be a different color, feature a special design, be sparkly, the sky is the limit! The nail of choice is usually the ring finger (lightbulb!)


16 Nude Polishes to Wear This Winter

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nostalgia Just a little bit of Do you remember those little troll dolls that were all the rage in the and then again in the Here's the crazy nail art version of them! NOT for actual wear, they were just for fun!


What Nail Polish Color Should You Wear?

kimchiiandtea: timereaper: edenhain: officialdogblog: totallytransparent: Semi Transparent Lips Nails (changes colour with your blog background - drag it!) OH YMG OSH THIS IS NOT WHAT I EXPECTED IT TO BE This. Is bad ass. Ohmygoodness, it looks so cool on

The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Nail Shape for Your Hands

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It doesn't matter what decade you grew up in, Saturday morning cartoons were the best. Here is 18 cartoon nails inspired by your favorite cartoons!