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hearth and grill

Cinder block heater & water warmer - light bulb inside cinder bock covered with a stepping stone & water container set on top won't freeze......very clever idea!

How to build a rocket stove! These are a backyard must- cook anything on this stovetop with a few handfuls of twigs! This blog is amazing and worth a look around!

masonry heater--compared to traditional fireplaces. MUCH BETTER

Cold Smoking.... smokehouses and how to make sausage, cure meat, fish, and poultry

A proper USA double barrel smoker! Theres a smashing tute on how the guy made this here :)

$50 fire pit using concrete tree rings

Breakfast at a Japanese-style inn, Kyoto

You could make tortillas or hibachi dishes with this thing! Outdoor Kitchen with Evo Affinity 30G Circular Cooktop

A traditional long firebox ("Naga Hibachi"). In Japanese, a "Hibachi" refers to a wooden box that's used to burn charcoal as a heat source to keep warm. You may think that a Hibachi is a flat iron grill used for cooking. That is called a "Teppan"

Hibachi Grill 1872 now featured on Fab. Expensive, but it's custom made upon order. Very nice!

Japanese setting with hibachi 1:12 by Marja Keuker

I think I might need a hibachi coffee table.

obsessed with the shichirin grills for hibachi. i need it.

How to Cook a Whole Pig in Your Backyard | Field & Stream

Ghost Freestanding Fireplace by Eco Smart Fire

Rocket stove in use - everyone needs to know how to build/use one of these for "those" times when there's no other way to cook.