Try this

Ok forget about the "if you repost your true love will." Cause that's not true! But this is so sweet if you read to a certain point:)

Is it sad that I thought of One Direction? <<< Nope! Because I did too. Even though I know it's not true.

Let's c if this works. It probably won't but I need to pin something lol I kind of hope it won't work.

OOOOO GOOD LUCK I WANT THAT (I know chainmail is stupid I'm just bored)~Sarai

i don't have a crush so top 1 won't work<< lol my crush most certainly ain't gonna kiss me😂

I hate these things but I'm not gonna risk it

I hate chain posts but I don't wanna take chances! <<<< I hate Cancer

iFunny :)

#Teen #Quotes ;)

lets see if it works:) comment if it does! I hope it works.god,let it be.

Repinning because I believe in God, not for the favor. I hate when they say if u reblog this will happen, but if something happens its on God's timing. I don't believe in these things, but I believe strongly in God!

God should most certainly be capitalized if you truly believe in and love God, you would not repost this for the stupid favor! I love and believe in God, and don’t need to repost this stupid pin to know it.


I'm not doing this for the repost! I'm doing it to show my love for god! If you believe this then don't repost it. If you believe in god and love him repost this and leave the comment!

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I'm sorry but I could be true.idk i guess i will try it i need some good news in my life anyways.

I had to try this hope it works!

My wish isnt ever going to happen :( I don't really know where to pin this to sooo ya!

I beleive in god so i will repost

I don't really believe these things but I believe in God without posting I'll still have a miracle and God I ask plz help me stop cutting myself

Faith in humanity restored...

Zanjeer the dog saved thousands of lives during Mumbai serial blasts in March 1993 by detecting more than kgs of the explosive RDX, 600 detonators, 249 hand grenades and 6406 rounds of live ammunition. He was buried with full honors in brave Zanjeer.