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"Dad's last 3 heartbeats…"

Kenji Alucky

this would make an amazing tattoo!

Its Psalm 119:105 (KJV) "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path."

Letters, Syllables, Words, Phrases, Sentences.: Nuts & Bolts
  • Kathy Foster
    Kathy Foster

    This is Beautiful and very elegant. I love it

  • Santak Mishra
    Santak Mishra

    Damn right its elegant ! :)

Ogham, Celtic tree alphabet, says “gaol buan” which, when translated, says “unfailing love”. You read it from bottom to top and each set of lines is a letter.

like to have one:)

@Lori Neumeier Um, yes please?

  • Krista Ketchum
    Krista Ketchum


  • Mary Jane Wilson
    Mary Jane Wilson

    Just a little weird...but I love avocados!

M'aimer pour qui je suis / To love me for who i am

  • Kandice Pritchard-Pust
    Kandice Pritchard-Pust

    right on...


very pretty: )

floral tattoo

  • Steffi Steffi
    Steffi Steffi


White ink

  • Sarah Connor
    Sarah Connor

    Awesome! I like the colors!!


lace stockings tattoo

  • Katherine Brown
    Katherine Brown

    Chelsea Ross, this reminded me of you

i love how painterly these tattoos are.

  • Megan Elizabeth
    Megan Elizabeth

    this is beautiful, the flowers look like they are painted on!

quote tattoo

  • Nicole Clark
    Nicole Clark

    "the number of the beast" is the book it's derived from

  • Mikayla Carrigan
    Mikayla Carrigan

    visit my page for awesome tattoo ideas! please follow(:

  • Katie Griffith
    Katie Griffith


  • Gaylene Stimmel
    Gaylene Stimmel

    mwah 8-) this is such a lol 8-) I'd really like it if you clicked through to myyy posts 8-) laterz

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white ink tattoo- gorgeous!

Have always wanted to get these babies.

needle & thread tattoo

swallow #tattoo


  • Micah Payne
    Micah Payne

    i have a slight feeling this is photoshopped.

peter pan silhouette

  • Kandice Pritchard-Pust
    Kandice Pritchard-Pust

    u need that peter pan shadow on wall I saw on Pinterest..

body modifications do not change character. #tattoo #ink #character

very feminine