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Water Drop Gold Dangle Belly Button Ring navel bar Body Piercings Jewelry in Jewellery & Watches, Body Jewellery, Body Piercing Jewellery

belly button piercing | 18 Different Types of Piercings You Should Know About

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925 Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Opal Heart Belly Ring #bodycandy #bellyring #fancy #opal #heart

925 Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Opal Heart Belly Ring

Back dermals they look kinda like a smiley, or something looking out from her pants

Back dimple dermals, piercings I used to want these so bad, now I couldn't even fathom the idea.

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Feather belly button piercing I want this one soo bad my belly ring is boring and normal

I already have the tragus and cartilage but I loovvveee this.

Triple Helix Piercing (left ear) I LOVE this! I want it.

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How Long Do You Keep Your Earrings in After Getting Your Ears Pierced?

I can't wait until I can change mineeee.

The cutest dream catcher belly button ring! I just got my belly button pierced, I HAVE to have one of these!

golden Industrial arrow piercings

jewels piercing gold earrings arrow industrial jewelry metal hair girly arrow earring helix barbell find industrial earring an industrial bar

the trio of earrings in the upper ear is so cute but i have a feeling it will hurt A LOT. my cartilage is super thick right there.

This looks like my right ear in the future. (Triple forward helix, Tragus, rook, double lobe and double helix)

Double bellybutton piercing

7 Unique, Cute, and Classy Piercings

Double bellybutton piercing- not usually a huge fan of belly button piercings but she is rocking this.