Liz Minkyung Sohn

Liz Minkyung Sohn

Liz Minkyung Sohn
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Eyelet Embroidered Duvet #anthrofave #anthroregistry

:Lombok bed anthropology Handcarved from solid mango wood, this elegant bed frame is a true work of art. Its filigree-inspired cutouts create a lively shadow play when placed near a sunny window.

Wow, love this floor

I want floors this vibrant. Maybe not the carpet, like this, but a painted floor perhaps. Just love the bright colors. (Cloud House by McBride Charles Ryan Photo) – Home Decor

wrist tattoo, alive

Until now, we’ve shared several tattoo ideas but we must confess this one is our favorite one. Sometimes one word explains everything. One word sums up it all. One word makes your whole story and you want to ink it on your body.