Lizzie Gudkov

Lizzie Gudkov
Portugal/Second Life / #Writing. Stubbornly and imprudently! Note: No copyright infringement intended. If you'd like to be acknowledged or have a picture removed, do let me know.
Lizzie Gudkov
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Hazardous The original was sold for millions to a flamboyant millionaire. It was on the news for days as the biggest sale ever of an a.

You're a Great Writer

Whispering Wind … when you’re addicted to reading! Great writers read everything and I do mean e.

A Vivid Reminder

Cica Ghost - - 2013 The cloud of dust settled down around him. Many lost their lives. Many lost their .


Rebeca Bashly “All I want is to be anonymous,” was the last line in the short note he left behind. His phone was tapped, hi.

Sotto Voce

Silent Hills His heart pounded frantically, a cadence of horror, of unending urgency. The others waved at him showing the way, while a.

Types of Conflict in Scenes

Types of Conflict in Scenes -- Novels are made up of scenes and sequels. These vary in length and number according to the type of novel you are writing.

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lizziegudkov: A Book Away

Grimm Shores The trail of papers flies away, A s hy bird and another, A page, two pages and many more .

Dead Man Walking

Edo Japan Kitamachi “Come on, come on, we’ll catch you, you animal. Alive or dead?” And he hid in the corner, afraid .