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Florida isn't the only U.S. state that has attempted to "outlaw" climate science. North Carolina, Louisiana & Tennessee have all passed laws that attempt to cast doubt on established climate science in boardrooms & classrooms. The reality of climate change due to human activity has been widely accepted by climate scientists, & some experts worry that attempts to deny the science could prevent states from preparing for sea level rise, extreme weather & other effects of a warming planet...

Giving us the middle finger. | 36 Photos Of Norman Reedus That Will Give You A Zombie Boner

36 Photos Of Norman Reedus That Will Give You A Zombie Boner

Youre being a dumb bitch right now and its annoying. Maybe think about pulling that cactus out of your ass. Might help. Visit our online store here

Bad Roommate | meangreetings

Lies. #quote For more quotes and jokes, check out my FB page:

The EX Factor | Facebook

ALWAYS show off what makes you fabulous. | The Definitive Guide To Becoming The Fiercest, Freshest, Most Fabulous Bitch There Is

Been there. Done that. Fucked it up. Twice. And never EVER again!

Prayer for serenity

lmfao i'm like a kid with this..tell me not to do something and i desperately want to do it. Tell me to do it and it's like, NO , I'm not doing that!

Because he's as amazing as everyone makes him out to be. In my 20s, and his books change the way I look at the world and my life.

19 Profound John Green Quotes That Will Inspire You

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16 Unbelievable Acts Of Kindness

16 Unbelievable Acts Of Kindness

10 Villain Affirmation Posters To Help You Get Through The Day

Mary Tyler Moore -- I want this framed and hanging in my apartment, asap!


INFJ the rarest, occurring in only 2% of the population, spotting one is as unusual as encountering a unicorn and even if you meet an INFJ, you may never know because we won't be sharing ourselves with you. Update: I have found the artist, Bikeparts aka Sebastien Millon, on Etsy, art available as a print or tee via the link. sebastienmillon.t...

Favorite Silly, Crazy or Funny Quotes For the Day

Some of these are fucking HILARIOUS…A compilation of many epic e cards in one post…

Epic oneliners..

When you realize you're so-called friend abandon you when you need them the most.

Monday Motivation - The Happy Type

Truth! I can adapt to any situation or environment ;)

which is why blogging can be so therapeutic, and why I write emails/letters to my bf when I want to discuss something

so then what do I do...? - Gretchen Louise

Have seen a lot of these but still an awesome list. 15 TED talks that will change your life.

15 TED Talks That Will Change Your Life

When things go bad, don't go with them.



Quote About Self-Acceptance - Brené Brown

never underestimate the importance of having a person in your life who can always make you smile.