This is seriously pathetic.. But also makes me feel brilliant.

Whenever I feel stupid I take a look at this. I feel better then immediately feel sad that people this stupid actually exist!

Lol i am dying

Faith in humanity lost. wow, just wow The sun is a sun dipshit! Can't decide whether to laugh or cry in despair at the human race


Hi Airwrecka

Airwrecka, your mom must not give a crap about you if she can't spell Erica correctly

Just some awkward family photos...these never get old

Just some awkward family photos


Duck Dynasty on

on wednesday we wear pink and watch duck dynasty my two favorites: DD and Mean Girls

It just seems like a tough fact of life until you look at what practically every other country does for pregnant women and new mothers. When women in the U.S. have to go back to work immediately after having a child, pay babysitters out of pocket, or simply can't leave their infant, doesn't living anywhere else feel preferable?

Having A Baby In The United States Is A Terrible Idea

Paid maternity leave infographic - Profits over people because we're such an advanced, Christian, pro-life country.