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Love this

O my gosh bucky is soooo done I bet he was expecting a old time barbershop like he was used to but then u get the 'cosmetic cube' or the 'superhairo'


The problem with this is that The Winter Solider is a villain. Bucky isn't, but Bucky isn't always there in The Winter Solider. It's an uneven balance and when ever Bucky starts to appear they wipe his mind. The Winter Solider is a villain.

:( I AM SO DONE. While watching this part, I could feel my heart breaking for Bucky. I wanted to break the fourth wall and not only hug him, but kill Alexander Pierce myself. I feel more sympathy for the Winter Soldier as a villain than I ever did for Loki. Even before they wiped him, I remember his face was just full of terror and anxiety. Like this person wrote, he knew what was coming and he knew he couldn't fight it. BY WRITING THIS, I JUST MADE MY HEART BREAK AGAIN.

As if it weren't crushing my heart already. Bucky Barnes is hands down my favorite Captain America character. I was so happy that he wasn't dead, but after watching it I think being the Winter Soldier is worse.

ah man maaiiiiii best frienda

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sebastian stan behind the scenes of captain... | Sebastian Stan Spain

(gif) - Sebastian Stan: "My friends were kinda making fun of me. I was kinda just walking around the house for a while, just sorta flipping this plastic knife. I mean I was driving in intersections and just flipping it around in the car.