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Uncategorized Generally Cool Stuff

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Random Pictures Of The Day - 31 Pics

The world's most expensive penny - This Lincoln cent was struck in the wrong metal at the Denver Mint in 1943. Just 40 of the coins are known to exist. In 2010, a dealer in New Jersey sold his 1943 penny for a staggering $1,700,000.00 (Most 1943 pennies are steel-gray)

World's most expensive penny -Lincoln cent | Lunaticg Coin

These eggs have not been dyed for Easter. They were laid by chickens! An Easter Egger is any chicken that possesses the "blue egg" gene. In addition to there being chicken breeds that produce these blue/green eggs, there are other breeds that can produce red eggs, lavender eggs, brown eggs, etc.

mind blown!

Five dollar bill shows the twin towers, Ten dollar bill shows after the planes collided, Twenty dollar bill shows the building collapsing, Fifty dollar bill shows the dust and the smoke, One Hundred dollar bill shows a new beginning...The monies are all shaped like Airplanes... What a Coincidence huh!!!

That's cool!!!!

Prince Charles. Looks a lot like William in this photo.


world Matryoshkas

My mind is blown.

So cool

Blacklight tattoo, this is just he coolest thing ever

mind blown. Twice? Weird.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

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Baby pug says: Did you pack my chewie, mom?


Amazing closeup of grains of sand.

UNESCO World Heritage | Costa Rica | Stone spheres. The stone ball is actually a relic of pre-Columbian times with origins that remain a mystery. 300 others were uncovered in Costa Rica's southern Pacific region. Spheres range from the size of a bowling ball to 15-ton boulders. Their precision is stunning: actually the work of meticulous indigenous craftsmen, who chiseled, pecked and ground granodiorite — a hard igneous stone similar to granite.