My Wedding

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These are some ideas that I have for my wedding. We're having an interfaith wedding as well as gluten free and fair trade reception. Our colour scheme is teal and brown with a cream/white accent. I hope you like my ideas.

Jordin Jaunzarins

I don’t think I'm going to carry flowers, however aren't these just great?! I love the teal Magnolias and brown Roses!

I really like this too!.

If only one could get fancy truffles like this Fair Trade!!! Truffles and chocolates make great guest gifts.

Growing up, my Grandmother used to make my sister and I daisy crowns ever summer solstace. I've always loved the way it looked on me so I would like to have them on my wedding day.

This is what I want. It's bright and has all 3 of our colours.

I just love Teal and Brown together. I think it's great. It can even be found in nature…

YUMMMY!! It's a good thing that most frosting is Gluten Free! The great thing about a cupcake wedding cake is that you can make and assembly it easily at home, and it allows you to have control over the ingredients!

I just can't see my self hold a bouquet of flowers. I guess it's just not my style. However, I love the idea of having flowers with out having to hold anything! Corsages are great and they keep your hands free!!

*Sigh* I love this. I want this.. I want to marry this dress not just get married in it! I just wish i had the budget for it!!

I really like this dress. I'm really tired of plus size women trying to wear fashions meant for a size 2. This is very flattering, accenting the good stuff and hiding the bad.

I'm so going to have my henna done!!!

Not only can you have teal and brown cupcakes, but you can have teal and brown liners!

I'm unsure if our Handfasting ribbons should match our colour scheme or have a meaning behind them.