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U changed me.. Ur so sweet coming to my uni just to walk me to class.. U made my life so much better.. We share everything and were in love and it's barely been a couple of weeks.. Can't wait for all the future has to ahold since we already planned it

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This is important to remember to keep taking risks. It is important in my job to try new ways to relate to a youthful audience. It is important to be bold in professionalism to separate your ideas from the mundane.

and of course, we can NOT figure everything out. doing so, we are trying to do the impossible ... lol ... instead, embrace that we know very little, if anything at all ... and yes, then let us allow life to love us and take us wherever it will.

Actually, I can. Such a strong and powerful sentence I don't think about often enough... I should repeat this over and over until it becomes so obvious that I never let anyone else limit me or have an impact on my confidence level...

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