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I just want to be back to Big Sur. #kthxbai

I just want to be back to Big Sur.

Feedify by Sarah Dayan

Feedify by Sarah Dayan

In honor of the cosmos series  @Musichuerta

It's true. a cup of tea does wonders. if you're having a headache, drinking a cup of tea always helps ! Even after a long busy day at the office I notice once I'm sipping on some tea then everything is alright :))

Practicing Something Will Make You Better At It Than Complaining About How Much You Suck

Do you ever feel like there’s this big list of things you’d love to start, but you never seem to actually take the plunge? That no matter what you want to do and how much your friends push you, the conversation always ends up with.

Introduction to Vectorizing Hand Lettering

When I started hand lettering, I had a very hard time doing a clean vectorization of my drawings. My Bezier curves were messed up, there were too many points, they were not in the right place, my h.

Embracing Constraints

Selected works of French hand lettering artist Sarah Dayan.

Be a Problem Solver, Not Just a Decorator

so you don't look ridiculous.

Making Good Pictures Of Your Lettering Pieces

Making Good Pictures Of Your Lettering Pieces · Sarah Dayan · French Hand Lettering Artist & Logo Designer

Live Hand Lettering Session

A few weeks ago, I received an email from Florian, in response to the auto-responder email he got after subscribing to my newsletter. “Hey Sarah, you are probably hearing that all the ti.