Go Rock Climbing in the Lake.

Go Rock Climbing In A Lake

The Gigantic Inflatable Climbing Iceberg.this would be awesome for the lake this summer! Lakes how I miss you.

London  Would love to see a Farris wheel Downtown Muskegon.  Heartshorn fun area.

VisitEngland launches new accessibility guide. Why is Toronto so far behind?

Austin Duck Adventures | Land and Lake Tours of Austin.

Take an amphibious tour of downtown Austin and beautiful Lake Austin inside an unsinkable Hydra Terra vehicle.

Movies at the beach Pere Marquette Park

Movies on the beach event Friday at Pere Marquette Park could be start of summer series

Love Muskegon

'Green People' crash MLive Media Group open house celebration

An unknown group has launched a Love Muskegon campaign.

Logpartypedalboat. The Log Party Pedal Boat looks like good old river rat ...  redferret.net

This pedal boat replicates the old time Mississippi river people who used their boats to carry them and their belongings to a new life.

Charter a yacht.  How cool is that. http://www.chicagotraveler.com/anita-dee-yacht-charters

Anita Dee Yacht Charters offers private yacht charters for any special event, and can accommodate groups ranging from passengers.

Quacker jack boat. Ducks are great swimmers — but they also make for great ...  oldstersview.wordpress.com

Sailing In A Giant Duck? Whatever Floats Your Boat

Shipwright Christian Bohlin steers his duck shaped boat across Stockholm harbour on May The duck, one of two novelty boats built by Bohlin, contains two sleeping cots, a kitchenette and a sauna in the bow

The Classic fun at the lake. Ferris Wheel.

Eye on Malaysia - Biggest Ferris Wheel in Asia

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