Starbucks coffee

I love Starbucks. Just like the billions out there I enjoy a great bevy. If you buy me a skinny vanilla decaf latte with soy and cinnamon we'll be very good friends.

salsa dancing

The top 37 things dying people say they regret. Never taking a big risk (especially in love). Taking a bigger risk can pay off more than taking a smaller one.

cooking... fashionably or not :)

vinyl decals on kitchenaid mixer = genius I want this I want this I want this I want this. I will do this when I FINALLY get my kitchen aid stand mixer Barker

soothing piano

Are you aware that the bass guitar is music’s soul instrument? It gives the song life and if you can learn to play this excellent piece of instrument, you can impress your friends and family members. So don’t waste your time and s

HOODIES. soft, worn, necessary

HOODIES. soft, worn, necessary