Funny Confession Ecard: The Pity Train has just derailed at the corner of Suck It Up Move On, and crashed into We All Have Problems, before coming to a stop at Get The Hell Over It.


But that was brilliant…


When my daughters were toddlers I got asked all the time how I was able to do everything. I loved being super mom

..F.R.I.E.N.D.S. remembering their lines on Ellen. to watch later...these are great!!!

remembering their lines on Ellen. This is so hilarious -- I could watch Friends stuff all day long. best thing ever!

hahahaha - Dick in a box

Holiday Gift Giving Guide: Step 1 - Cut a hole in a box. Step put your d*ck in the box. Step have her open the box.


Moose the Shar Pei. There's a Shar Pei where I volunteer and he's sooo cute! I think he's still a puppy; he's pretty tiny.


This about sums it up for me! (Funny Confession Ecard: Dear God, Thanks for making me funny. Especially since you didn't give me much else to work with.

Love Ellen!

Funny pictures about This is why I love Ellen. Oh, and cool pics about This is why I love Ellen. Also, This is why I love Ellen.


The only B word you should call a girl is beautiful, bitches love to be called beautiful


i nkow , buddy she scares the hell out of me too how many likes can we get to save this man and his dog from there wife

It truly would be!

My new favorite:Funny Family Ecard: If there were 'Box Tops for Education' on wine labels, my kid's school would be rich! I have some friends who resemble this! LOL so true! My mom except boxed wine haha

ha love this!

Tell 'em, Morgan. (Disclaimer: I know this is not by the real Morgan Freeman…