Balloon Avalanche, so much fun! This is a cute idea to do the morning of a birthday to wake up and open their bedroom door to this!

Funny pictures about Birthday Morning Balloon Avalanche. Oh, and cool pics about Birthday Morning Balloon Avalanche. Also, Birthday Morning Balloon Avalanche.

Baby shower OR FIRST BIRTHDAY! Make a sign & a table with blank paper & note cards for people to write a special letter or birthday message.  For 1st birthday ideas could be: when you heard about baby's arrival, your first meeting, early impressions, future wishes, a note of blessing, your favorite photograph(s) with comments.    -- Such an AMAZING idea! Time to make family & friends get cheesy!

First-Birthday Time Capsule. Love the idea! Do this at first birthday give at hs or college graduation

double stuffed balloons (use tulle instead of cheap ribbon) i like the tulle idea.

Tulle instead of string for a party balloons, also a balloon inside a balloon!love this idea for a bridal shower or baby shower.

Confetti Balloons - Birthday Party Ideas or special events just to allow them to recall me later in life with joy.

confetti filled balloons, sprinkle party Fill clear balloons with large confetti~Black & orange for Halloween, school colors, etc.

Balloon Game from Martha Stewart! Ideas are endless: use different color balloons to make different shapes, letters or numbers (like a red apple, or a number for a birthday party) or just make a random rainbow wall of balloons. Fill balloons with confetti, stickers, or candy so kids can pop them to get the surprise inside. You can also hang the balloons on a string for more of a pinata style game!

Halloween Games: Pop Goes the Pumpkin

GAME IDEA: Put candy inside the balloons and have the kids throw darts.would be a fun trick or treating idea.set it up in the driveway and let kids pop a balloon for their treat!

Use duct tape to dress up water bottles for a party. -- it was hard to keep the tape smooth because of the lines in the water bottle, also I used the exact tape in the picture and had to remove the actual label from the bottle so you couldn't see it through the tape.

Use Duct Tape as Fun Water Bottle Wraps to go with your party theme. How fun! & most of these fun duct tapes can be found anywhere including some dollar stores.

Cute centerpiece idea for a birthday party.

Mini cupcakes fit perfectly inside votive holders and make it easier to keep candles contained. A group of these would make a great birthday party centerpiece.

Birthday party ideas

Easy centerpiece: Take big styrofoam ball and stick lollipops into it! such a fun idea for a kids Birthday party--candy land theme