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Woodland Creatures

Nature at its best.

Woodland Creatures

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Winter waddle

Animals looking adorable in the snow (23 photos)
  • Tracy Woerner
    Tracy Woerner

    Fabulous pic!!!

  • Emily Yarbrough
    Emily Yarbrough

    did the ducks from aristocats pop into anyone's mind?

  • Meg Kamys
    Meg Kamys


  • Myriam

    lol cutiiiiie:)

Snowflake kisses!

Give us a kiss... - A Polar Bears Tale
  • Rachel Hesselink
    Rachel Hesselink

    Ha!! Was that taken up here!! Hahaha

Hungry Anchorage, Alaska backyard visitor. #Moose Photo: Pete Brown via L.L.Bean Facebook

Fox pup - photo via Ivan Kislov. See more of Mr. Kislov's amazing fox photography here:

  • Marilyn Austin-Lee
    Marilyn Austin-Lee

    Poor wet little baby

Sleeping fox.

The Beauty of Wildlife
  • MariAnne McKinnie
    MariAnne McKinnie

    Baby, It's COLD outside!!!!!

How to Prevent a Bear Attack: www.mensjournal.c...

How to Prevent a Bear Attack
  • Crystal Skye
    Crystal Skye

    Or stay inside and search Pinterest :)

  • Heidi Flores
    Heidi Flores


Bear cub climbing lesson.

Big Bears Teaching Their Teddies How To Bear
  • Amanda Wright
    Amanda Wright

    If we merge together as one then mom won't see us and tell us to get down

  • Heidi Flores
    Heidi Flores

    THIs cOulD BE US BUT u PLAyInG

#Moose sighting while hiking in Utah.

  • Jacki

    The moose was hiking in Utah? ;)

  • Annie Rose
    Annie Rose


  • Jeanne Brezicki
    Jeanne Brezicki


Seeing a Bear in the wild is on my bucket list!

Sleeping fox

  • Kitty McKenney
    Kitty McKenney

    omygoodness! It's soooo adorable! awwww

  • Marcel Verbeeck
    Marcel Verbeeck

    Hen's are free now.

  • JeterGirl

    Fox is dead.

Bridal Bunny — a love supreme photography : maine wedding photography

Woodland Fairytale Styled Shoot

Summer is all about finding the perfect water sports sandal.

Twitter / CuteEmergency: sandals game on point ...
  • Grimm Abernathy
    Grimm Abernathy

    May seem mean but forcing your pet to walk on blistering cement or concrete is CRUEL!

  • Maria R.
    Maria R.


  • Andrea White
    Andrea White


  • k ensor
    k ensor

    It looks like the sandals that my 1 year old grandson has. Cute.

  • Samantha Wheaton
    Samantha Wheaton


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The loon (Minnesota's state bird) is the best of all birds. Here's why.

9 Reasons The Loon Is The Best Bird

You never know what you'll find at the back yard bird bath. #Deer #Fawn

  • Terry Waters
    Terry Waters

    I think that's my backyard!

  • Gem Girl
    Gem Girl

    My mother would gasp and try to feed them.

  • Linda Cardwell
    Linda Cardwell

    Soo sweet!

  • Promise Bowler
    Promise Bowler


Bear cubs rescued from dumpster - watch the video to see how it all happened. :)

  • Kim Nuttall
    Kim Nuttall

    3 cubs!! Thank goodness for those people

  • Eileen Donegan
    Eileen Donegan

    Very cool guys !

  • JudithM Armstrong
    JudithM Armstrong

    I love it!

  • Saddleback Leather Co.
    Saddleback Leather Co.

    Awesome! -Keenan

  • Jo Jordan
    Jo Jordan

    Did they get in the dumpster on their own?

Fawn ~nesting

  • Lara Kirkbride
    Lara Kirkbride


We're watching the LIVE #EagleCam from Maine! Could hatch any day after 4/21.

  • Tamsen Beasley
    Tamsen Beasley

    Have followed berry college eagle cam from egg to fledge! So great !!!


  • Autumn Moynan
    Autumn Moynan


  • Sandi

    Soooo cute!!!!!

  • Tena Mahs
    Tena Mahs

    Based on what I say to my dogs, this is a bunny rug.

  • Falyn Arakelian
    Falyn Arakelian

    Jenna Lewis hahaha that was so funny. I gotta find that pic

  • Shalynn Moody
    Shalynn Moody


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True facts about Owls. Need a laugh? Watch this video.

  • Christine O'Connell
    Christine O'Connell

    The narrator is very bizarre.

  • Kathie Engle-Inwards
    Kathie Engle-Inwards

    This is so funny!

  • Angela Diane
    Angela Diane

    Check out his others. Love them

  • BCMY

    Hailey Blum haha too Funny!

Lunch with friends.

  • Karen Newton
    Karen Newton


  • Frances


  • Karen Kleppinger
    Karen Kleppinger

    Awww that's sweet

  • rosalinda pena
    rosalinda pena

    That is do awesome

Have you ever seen a Pine Marten in the wild?

  • Terri Stutzman
    Terri Stutzman

    I've never seen one, what is their habitat?

  • Autumn Moynan
    Autumn Moynan

    Canada, north western us, the Rockies and New England

  • Makailah

    Thanks :)

  • Autumn Moynan
    Autumn Moynan


  • benjamin McMillan
    benjamin McMillan


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Did you know that red fox in Maine are usually born between March and April? Young fox, called kits, emerge from their dens after about four weeks. The male and the female help care for their young until the kits leave to establish their own territories, usually in the fall. Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Barr. This post originally appeared on the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge page

  • Trendy Pet
    Trendy Pet

    We just love Spring. Such a cute baby! thanks for sharing such interesting info!

Though we’ll miss the snow, we’re excited to see flocks of birds return in the spring. Will you recognize these Northeastern birds when they come home?

  • Rocco Sabourin
    Rocco Sabourin

    I love it

  • Marianne Meyer Citraro
    Marianne Meyer Citraro

    Just saw the Kinglet near Milwaukee

Maine man gets a surprise: four bears living not far from his front door! Click on image to see the video.

Today is National Potato Chip Day!

  • SweaterPaws_Mikey ❤❤
    SweaterPaws_Mikey ❤❤


  • Rebecca Robinson
    Rebecca Robinson

    This is the reason bears sometimes have to be killed. Sad:-(

  • Casey Buckmaster
    Casey Buckmaster

    true rebecca, its important to point that out. never never never leave any food out or where bears can get to it (cars, trash can, etc.)