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Jacob represents caring because he is always there to watch over Bella. He wants what is best for her and cares about her.

You know me so well Kara. Thank you for noticing, and for caring. I'm lucky to have you as a friend. :)

Libra Personality: likes to make a good first impression, likes solving conflicts and tends to give wise advice freely. They prefer to know all the facts before coming up with a decision. Can sometimes seem emotionally cold. Don't need to be rushed. Often know more than they reveal.

I did this and when I emerged from my book cocoon it was 2013, my children had grown 4 FT since I last saw them, my hubby had grown a beard, and I no longer had a job. It was SSSOOOO worth it!

Things I like. The smell outside after rain, baggy sweaters, books you can't put down, making people smile, feeling loved, saying hello to strangers, songs that relate to you, the smell of fresh bread, underwater tea parties, sleepovers, hot tea, thunderstorms, chocolate cake, saying what you feel

worrying = total waste of time

This has always been my most favorite quote about love because it is so accurate.

Beautiful. Just beautiful. in this board simply because i have nowhere else to put it but want to save it

This is soooo true. I love books

F. Scott Fitzgerald Quote Typed on Typewriter and Framed via Etsy

Irena Sendler (Al Gore was presented the Nobel Peace Prize over this amazing woman?! The Norwegian Nobel Committee should be ashamed...)

Stay rad...

Haha sounds right

Ten things to tell your daughter before she turns ten

-Benjamin Franklin

Love Quotes

Stop worrying.

Drink Tea & Read Books

Irish Proverb

*omg.this is so me*

More people, including myself, should keep this in mind.

A mother is a daughter's best friend. ♥

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain - Bob Marley

Have to remember this through out life