skull. love this. this is the only skull i would ever get tattooed on me

Awesome skull designs, Part 3

Skull drawings by René Campbell interesting. I like the swirl designs .but the skull is still creepy

skull crochet

skull crochet idea - just incredibly awesome concept (pic is a cut paper skull)

Ink @Johnny Copperstone Copperstone Copperstone Copperstone Bosson !!!!!!! This is sick

Black forest tattoo by Ariella Wundersam - i think i would only get tattoo if it was forests/trees like this

FEW SKULLS LATER by Rafal Wechterowicz, via Behance

More skulls and a sprinkle of drawing magic! The illustration work of Poland-based creative Rafal Wechterowicz is way beyond .

Loving this but for a upper 1/2 sleeve or for a calf wrap.

I don't usually like tatoos too much but this is just something else.

Or get rid of the Binary Theme and Sara spelt as trees in a forest. I really love the nature theme. Really like the dense forest. I would reduce the shading cause that will blurr with time.

Juan Valverde de Amusco (v. 1525-v. 1588) - Anatomia del corpo humano, Roma, 1560. Bones of the skeleton, fifteen numbered illustrations.

Juan Valverde de Amusco (v. 1525 - v. - Anatomia del corpo humano, Roma, 1560 Bones of the skeleton, fifteen numbered illustrations.

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