My Cob or Earthen Home

I want to build an earthen home. It's more than just shelter. The process is as important as the product, I want to build it with my own hands, according to my own simple needs. It must be natural, healthy, affordable, and less destructive to the land is rests upon. It must be within my skill and ability to build mostly myself. Building my own sustainable home is about re-envisioning the way I meet my basic needs for shelter and more.
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Patchwork tiles

Get random sections of tile and lay a floor with a patchwork motiff! Home Cheap Home: A Room-by-Room Guide to Great Decorating by Budget Living Magazine

another cob tree

Clay plaster walls made by molding the material to create bas-reliefs/high-reliefs and add a sculptural quality walls. I would want to make this but not for my house.

26 ft dia 540 sq ft 1 floor 2   Lexa Dome Tiny Homes: 540 Sq Ft Dome Cabin

Lexa Dome Tiny Homes: 540 Sq Ft Dome Cabin

26 ft dia 540 sq ft 1 floor 2 Lexa Dome Tiny Homes: 540 Sq Ft Dome Cabin Need to shrink this down to a 24 ft plan but the basic plan for the beginning of my hippy home. Bath house and small yurt bedrooms will come later.

Cob tree sculpted into the wall

Tree walls / wall art - fantasy / fairytale home designs - Cob tree house Interior home design & decor

Mirrors reflect the light from the oil lantern making the room brighter.

This is what I love about cob. You don't have to frame windows in like this half moon window niche

Use brick under earthen floor for thermal mass... clever. There are lots of discarded bricks at the tip.

Mike and Greg used chunks of urbanite and old bricks, and then gravel on top of that. After some tamping the base is ready for the sub floor mix! The mix they used for the sub floor was 4 parts sand to 1 parts clay slip, made from the local clay subsoil.

Cob House

Bringing the outside in, this aqueduct system feeds water to plants in this make shift greenhouse-like area.

Earthbags have proven to be incredibly versatile. Check out these stairs - cement over them for a lovely effect.


Earthbag stairs - earthbags have proven to be incredibly versatile.

An interior view of the earth-sheltered home from the famous "$50 and up underground house" book

Living Room, Underground Cob House Living Space Modern Interior Design Craftsman Style House Plans Duplex Hurricane Proof Homes Simple Desig.

Etched leaf design in earthen floor (Straw Bale home) by: Arkin Tilt Architects

Etched leaf design in earthen floor. I hope an animal sneaks in while my floor is setting so I can have some fun footprints :-)

20 Simple and Creative Ideas Of How To Reuse Old Doors - I like the idea of a bedroom a few steps up in a cob house, - sliding door

20 Simple and Creative Ideas Of How To Reuse Old Doors

interesting... I like the sky light in the loft

Cob, Earthbag, and Strawbale homes! Your journey towards mortgage free and sustainable living starts here!