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Original Disney

Do you wish that the Disney Channel would bring back any of these programs? Boy meets world, Raven, Lizzie McGuire and Even Stevens were my life!

childhood ruined

childhood ruined- what a great way to take a brilliant movie like Peter Pan! You totally RUINED it

Disneyland, Disney Store, Disney anything!!!

27 Disney Jokes That Are Seriously Clever And Funny Disneyland, Disney Store, Disney anything!

The only character

Only Disney Character to question why people are randomly singing (or was it Patrick Dempsey& character Robert Phillip in Enchanted?) Maybe Flynn Rider is the first fully animated Disney character to question it.

College summed up by Disney... | See more about disney high schools, disney movies and high schools.

High school summed up by Disney. This is how I and my brother speak in real life. With Disney quotes.

Oh, know how it's done.

Disney Princesses - every girl wants this to happen at least once in their life. Thankfully, I had a good guy friend give me this type of hug once. Let's just say that it's every bit as awesome in real life as it looks in film :)

Jake and the Neverland Pirates are basically cosplaying but are, in actuality, anti-pirates with this morality.At least I knew that pirates stole when I was younger.