Marnie + Kipp - Things to Do in Denver

Here are some places to see / things going on in Denver the weekend of the Marnie + Kipp wedding! Go. Do. Enjoy!
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a hand holding a waffle topped with ice cream
Freaking amazing stuff. We tried it at the Chipotle Festival in City Park last year - right at the same spot we're getting married. Food & Wine Magazine calls it "One of the best ice cream shops in the U.S." Try the Butterscotch or the Colorado Peach.
many lights are hanging from wires on the side of a street at night with cars parked in front of them
A cool little shopping spot on the west side of the city. This is where Kipp lived when he first moved to Denver, & where Marnie & Kipp lived until buying their new (old) house in City Park last year. Lots of cool eateries and fun shops.
a clock on top of a building with an american flag flying in the air above it
Coors Field
For all you baseball fans, it's smack in the middle of LoDo. Unfortunately, the Rockies will be out of town during the wedding weekend - but you can still stop by the Sandlot Brewing Company on the ground floor and grab a beer, 2pm-8pm, Tuesday - Saturday.
a sign that says welcome to coors on it
Coors Brewing Company
The world’s largest brewing site still uses the same Rocky Mountain spring water that Adolph Coors discovered in 1873. Free tours show every step in the brewing process, and end with free samples for those over 21.
a dirt path on the side of a hill with trees and mountains in the background
Dinosaur Ridge
See some dinos – or what’s left of them anyway. Dinosaur Ridge features famous Jurassic dinosaur bones, such as Stegosaurus and Apatosaurus, discovered in 1877, and Cretaceous dinosaur footprints. A guidebook is available for use on self-guided tours.
a metal sign that says us mint on it's side next to a building
United States Mint
Tour the US Mint.
many people are walking around in front of a large rock formation that looks like a mountain
Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre
You've probably heard of this place before. :) Red Rocks is open during the day as a public park - great place for a workout, or a hike, or just to go and marvel at the spot.
two donuts with sprinkles on them are sitting next to each other
Voodoo Doughnut
If you haven't ever had a Voodoo Doughnut, it's a MUST. Originally from Portland, this is the first Voodoo outside of Oregon. (It's also 1.5 blocks from Kipp & Marnie's house!) Go there and grab a bacon maple doughnut and be amazed. (But be sure to get there early in the day - like, before 8am. The line wraps around the block!)
an ice cream sundae is on display in front of a chalkboard sign that says, today's ice cream shareables
Liks Ice Cream
Neighborhood ice cream shop where Marnie & Kipp like to go and gorge.
a black and white photo of the denver film center logo on an old brick wall
Sie FilmCenter
The Sie Film Center is the permanent home of the Denver Film Society. Plays a variety of arthouse films - as well as some cool events like MST3K events, where local comedians narrate bad movies. Fun spot.
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there are many books on the shelves in this library and one is green carpeted
Tattered Cover Bookstore
The OTHER location of the Tattered Cover (this one, near Kipp & Marnie's house). In spite of it being in a new building, they still manage to make it feel like an old haunt.
there is a sign in the window that says, welcome to the garden place for friends and family
The Artisan Center
Awesome Cherry Creek shop with stuff from local artists & craftspeople. We love this place.
a bridge over a river next to rocks and trees
Platte River Trail
Also known as the "Cherry Creek Trail" - runs from downtown all the way to the Cherry Creek Reservoir in Aurora. Rent a Denver B-Cycle from and take a ride south to Cherry Creek, where you can have lunch at some of the best restaurants in town and shop.
a city street filled with lots of lights and parked cars
Larimer Square
A beautiful spot with great shops and restaurants. Be sure to go at night (when it's all lit up) & check out the Green Russell - a speakeasy with kickass mixologists.
two mugs of beer sitting on top of a table next to each other in front of a bar
Maloney's Tavern
A spot where Kipp & Marnie went right after re-meeting each other in Denver. If you go, be sure to ride the mechanical bull.
a person sitting on the grass in front of some buildings and a park with trees
Commons Park
A great downtown park. When you enter the park after crossing the pedestrian bridge from Union Station going west, turn to your right and climb to the top of the hill. There you'll see a concrete circle. Stand inside it and yell - you won't be able to hear your own voice. (Seriously, go try it. It's bizarre, and awesome.)
an art gallery with paintings on the walls
Clyfford Still Museum
Opened in 2011, this museum houses the largest collection of Clyfford Still's works - the majority of which have been sealed off from public and scholarly view since his death in 1980. The architecture is stunning, and the paintings are beautiful. Read more on the history of the museum here:
there is a statue in front of the capitol building with trees and bushes around it
Colorado State Capitol
Has just been renovated within the past year. You won't be able to take a tour, unless you get here on Friday - but it's a fascinating building. (& there's always something going on in Civic Center Park).
an ice cream shop with orange umbrellas in the foreground and dark clouds overhead
Little Man Ice Cream
Surrounded by awesome restaurants in the Highlands, this is quite possibly the best ice cream in the city. Made fresh daily. The line will wrap around the block - but well worth it. Get the Twix flavor, if it's available!
people are walking around outside an old brick building
The REI Denver Flagship store. Located on the Platte River (for testing out kayaks, canoes, etc), there's also a Starbucks, a climbing wall, and more outdoor gear than you'd ever know what to do with.
a skateboarder is doing a trick in the glass display case at an indoor store
SkyVenture Colorado
The vertical wind tunnel where Kipp's skydiving team trained regularly before winning the national silver medal in 2009. Great way to give the entire family an idea of what skydiving feels like. (Make a reservation - slots fill up fast!)
the city is full of tall buildings and skyscrapers in this view from an office building
Grand Hyatt Denver
We've got rooms blocked out here for wedding guests. If you go to them and find our block is full, let us know! We'll talk to them about securing more rooms. Reserve here:
the union station train station in new york city
Denver Union Station
Great, rambling old train station that only recently was revitalized. If you took the RTD Airport shuttle, this is where it'll drop you off. To get to the Grand Hyatt, just hop on the free 16th Street Mallride.
a large red and white object on top of a metal pole next to a building
Museum Of Contemporary Art Denver
Awesome museum. Unfortunately, they're no longer doing their summer "Mixed Taste" series. But still worth a visit, if you're into modern and contemporary art.
an amusement park with roller coasters at sunset
Elitch Gardens Theme & Water Park
Sure - most cities have amusement parks. But most don't have them smack-dab in the middle of downtown. More info at
an indoor shopping mall with a statue in the center
The Denver Center for the Performing Arts
Home of the National Theater Conservatory (one of the top graduate programs in the country). You'll find some amazing shows here. On the weekend of our wedding, American Idiot premieres there - along with various other shows continually running. More info at
an overhead view of people walking down the street in front of tents and food stalls
Downtown Denver Art Festival
Where visual meets performing arts. Now ranked #33 in the top Arts Festivals in the US. Happens at the Denver Center for Performing Arts, May 23-25, 2014. More info:
An annual weekend arts marketplace held in downtown Denver, May 24-25, 2014. Stop in here, then head to the I Heart Denver store while you're there! Arts And Crafts, Science Fashion, Etsy Shop, Pendant, Real Leaves, Pendant Necklace
ArtStir Denver
An annual weekend arts marketplace held in downtown Denver, May 24-25, 2014. Stop in here, then head to the I Heart Denver store while you're there!
a corgi dog sitting in front of a glass door
I Heart Denver Store
A great store filled with stuff from local Denver designers and artists. Run by an inimitable welsh corgi named 'Denver.' This is not your average gift store.
the building is designed to look like a star
Denver Art Museum
Where Marnie use to work as a curator...and one of Kipp's favorite buildings in Denver. (Not to mention, it has a pretty fabulous art collection.) Current exhibition is "Modern Masters" - including iconic images from van Gogh, Picasso, O’Keeffe, Dalí, Warhol, and more. It's done in conjunction with the Clyfford Still Museum next door - well worth checking out.
the pond is full of lily pads and water lillies in it's natural habitat
Denver Botanic Gardens
An absolutely beautiful spot. Well worth a trip.
a large grassy field with a white building in the distance and trees on either side
Cheesman Park
Where Kipp proposed to Marnie.
people looking at dinosaur skeletons in a museum
Denver Museum of Nature and Science
Quite possibly the best museum in the state. Currently showing a phenomenal Maya exhibit. (Be sure to check out the rooftop deck for an amazing view of the city.)
a fountain in the middle of a lake with buildings in the background
City Park Pavilion
Marnie & Kipp's Wedding - the Party happens here.
the city skyline is seen in the distance from a golf course
Symphony @ City Park
City Park Meadow. Marnie & Kipp's Wedding - the Ceremony happens here.
the inside of a library with stairs and bookshelves
Tattered Cover Bookstore
Tattered Cover Bookstore - one of the last of the great, independent bookstores. Right in the middle of LoDo. Take the tram down 16th Street and you're there.