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Osprey Suppressor

Whoever said toys are just for kids wasn’t thinking straight. Cars, bikes, boats and guns are just a few of the things that can make adult life great. Let this gallery serve as inspiration for acquiring more toys!

Aaron Beck: Elysium Artwork

============in the trunk==========uss and ry vehicles===========================Aaron Beck: Elysium Artwork=================== and smg in middle

"BLACK PHOENIX" PROJECT (10 DAYS OF MECH) Utility/Infantry bot - "Praetorian P1" by Vitaly Bulgarov -

Black Phoenix Project: Praetorian by Bulgarov - Vitaly Bulgarov - CGHUB

Cool Shotgun

Kel-Tec KSG - bullpup pump action shotgun - It has two tube magazines which can be switched between manually. Total length is 26 inches.

Sentry Weapon

caliber style assault rifle with a suppressor, a spade grip Eotech holographic sight, a 100 round drum magazine, a wide base, low clearance tripod mount.