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"Waterwise" perennials -- Included in the garden collection are *3 plants each* of: , Salvia, Achillea, Nepeta, Coreopsis, *4 plants* of Centranthus, and *2 plants* of Artemisia.

fairies | Good To Grow

The Homestead Survival | A Victory Garden For A Family Of Five | thehomesteadsurvi...

A Victory Garden For A Family Of Five | The Homestead Survival

Potager Garden / Magic Garden ♥

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Farm: "#Plants have best friends, just like people do. Marigolds help tomatoes and roses grow better. Nasturtiums keep bugs away from squash and broccoli. Petunias protect beans from beetles, and oregano chases them away from cucumbers. Geraniums keep Japanese beetles away from roses and corn. Chives make carrots sweeter, and basil makes tomatoes even tastier."


What to Plant in September!! (this site also covers what to plant every other month of the year too!)

Seed Calendar | What to Plant Now | When to Plant Vegetables

There are many vegetables that you can plant now for fall harvests.

What To Plant for Fall Gardens - The Gardening Cook

Vegetable Planting Chart: What to Sow, When to Sow, Where to Sow @ its-a-green-life

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If You Love Gardening This Is For You

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Awesome tips and tricks for planting, displaying and maintaining outdoor pots.

Porch Pots

made from fallen tree vines and branches

This award winning outdoor space was created by recycling fallen trees, recycled concrete well cover & discarded lum

Have you ever heard of a garden that waters and fertilizes itself? We certainly had never heard of such a thing until last week when we stumbled across a short video showing women in Africa building a "keyhole garden."

From Africa to Valhalla: a keyhole garden

James Bryan had a bright idea that resulted in something brilliant... #Tomatoes #gardening #organic

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Why are my plants turning yellow? If your vegetable garden or house plants have gone from verdant to flavescent, it could be a sign of health issues like too much water or too few nutrients. A new infographic offers tips for getting to the root of the problem.

Why are my plants turning yellow?

Great inexpensive raised bed for herbs and greens.

Turn a Kiddi Pool into a Raised Bed Garden

In my research on raised garden beds, I learned about these - wicking beds. Works like those self-watering plant pots, but bigger. I think I'll do it!

From the Bottom Up – A DIY Guide to Wicking Beds

pvc pipe + hardware cloth to make raised garden beds cat/bird proof

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If you have a raised bed garden, here's an "add-on" you can build to keep most pests from munching on your plants. You're basically building a "lid" that fits on top and inside your existing raised...

Raised Bed Pest Cover - Vegetable Gardener

The Ultimate Kitchen Garden. Use copper tape around the edges of raised beds to keep out snails/slugs

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pvc garden watering system...would be great for a garden. Just plant different things in each square of the grid.

PVC Watering System

perennial for making your garden more interesting..**

beautiful border!Gardening Tips

How to plan a year round food supply for your homestead -- written in a beautiful, easy to understand way!

Too Much = Enough

Pruning Subshrubs / Lavender / Rosemary ~ Don't cut plants like lavender to the ground, and don't touch them in fall or winter...

Pruning Subshrubs

Annual vines

Welcome! (All Things Plants)

How to Get Rid of Cutworms in the Garden | Montana Homesteader | #prepbloggers #garden #pests

How to Get Rid of Cutworms in the Garden - Montana Homesteader

Garden tips...

Gardening Tips | Glenda the Good Foodie