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Lisa Aitchison

Whenever you're feeling lazy and not down for a culinary challenge, check out this list of two-ingredient dishes.

Absolutely Ultimate Potato Soup -

Repurposed glass doors ~ Perfect little office area.

How To Turn A Beer Can Into The Only Camping Stove You'll Ever Need. One of the best gifts I've ever received on my travels is a stove made ...

Tall objects are a home stylist's secret weapon. They can draw attention away from something unsightly (like the TV) and fill in visual gaps, like that space between your bedside table and the top of your headboard. Try a tall, narrow vase filled with blooming branches, a potted topiary or tall candlesticks. Foolproof combo: TV + artwork + tall object.

Light Up Your Night With an Easy Outdoor Table Lamp Make a Solar Lamp- Looks easy!

A different take on trellis use for shade: TANK ROOFTOP - Exterior Views Ipe wood boards (sustainably harvested) wrap around the roof terrace on various trellis structures. Integrated bench sits at far side of photo. Industrial fans that required acoustical buffer are at top left of photo.

Eat What You Grow: the new dwarf thornless raspberry (and dwarf blueberry) bred to look fantastic in pots, it's easier and more popular than ever to have a good-looking yard you can eat from.

Customize Ikea Furniture! ...Autumn Leafs Decal - for Norrsten Dresser

so much prettier to bake and give gifts in these paper loaf pans than the foil ones.

Frustrated with plates skidding off your lap while you're eating on a sofa or chair? Slip this charger underneath to stabilize them. With the TV Dinner Tray by Royal VKB, your plate will not slide from your lap when you reach for your remote control.

Go Green,

contemporary indoor pots and planters by Terrain

Section Your Shade; filter the hot afternoon sun, but still enjoy the morning rays!

Fire Pit, made with concrete culvert spacers...darkened with concrete stain