How to pack like a freaking ninja: 8 days in a carry on bag

How to pack like a freaking ninja: 8 days in a carry on bag--This TOTALLY works! Packed 8 days into a carry-on suitcase and smaller carry-on personal bag with tons of room to spare!


11 items, 2 weeks of clothing. I'd replace the jeans with black pants, and the dress would be black with tights for winter travel. The khaki pants would be jeans

My minimalist packing list that was sufficient for 3 full weeks of travel! Packing ultralight.

Ultralight Packing List: I Traveled for 3 Weeks with a 12L Handbag

I traveled for over 3 weeks with the contents of a well-packed handbag and a well-planned ultralight packing list. If you dream of minimalist travel, this p

If we ever meet in real life and you make the mistake of telling me that you’re about to travel, you should know what’s going to happen. I’m going to pull you aside and start speaking very intensely w

7 Travel Tools I Will Not Shut Up About Till You Buy Them (yes and yes)

If we meet in real life, I'm going to be awkwardly pushy about how you REALLY JUST NEED to buy/make/borrow these 7 travel tools.

Bundle Wrapping - How to Minimize Wrinkles When Packing.  This website is literally all about backing light and efficiently.

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25 Gotta Have Travel Gadgets - TIME

25 Gotta Have Travel Gadgets

Trackstick II - Getting lost was never this much fun! The Trackstick II tracks…