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Middle School Common Core

This board includes Common Core freebies, products, and ideas that relate to Middle School.

Middle School Common Core

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Differentiated Daily Literature Practice Grade 6 (Week 1)--This is the ultimate in differentiated instruction. Below-level, on-level, and above grade level students practice closely reading text and review literary skills at their own levels. Quick, daily review.

classification of the sets of real numbers using stack of funnels

  • No-Nonsense Teaching: English Language Arts ELA , Classroom Organization, Reading, Writing, Accountable Talk, Assessment, Advertising Techniques, Media Literacy, Back to School
    No-Nonsense Teaching: English Language Arts ELA , Classroom Organization, Reading, Writing, Accountable Talk, Assessment, Advertising Techniques, Media Literacy, Back to School

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Differentiated Common Core inference, main idea, and theme task cards plus additional literacy centers in one document! 148 pages of Common Core aligned and differentiated task cards to meet the variety of needs in your classroom!

Students learn vocabulary words by playing a fun game! As students race to be the first player to empty their hands of game cards, they are actually building their vocabulary, learning synonyms to commonly used words, and are analyzing sentences to determine word meanings. Plus, the game comes with an easy-fold box for convenient storage too! Great for test prep, Common Core, and as a literacy center.

(Grade 4 Common Core) These activity cards are a fantastic way to review and introduce Common Core Standard RL.4.3. This standard requests that students describe in depth a character, setting, or plot. These activity cards TEACH and REVIEW this standard. Questions are written at multiple levels of Bloom's Taxonomy for deep understanding. An easy-fold box is also included for convenient storage too!

200 Quick and Convenient, Daily Common Core Reading Passages--Text Dependent Questions, Close Reading, Multiple Choice, Informational Text--- The Standard is Written Next to Each Question for Easy Progress Monitoring--Inferences, Main Idea, Compare and Contrast Themes, Summarizing, Point of View--All Common Core Literature and Informational Text Standards are Included--Many Standards Repeat Across the Weeks For Steady Common Core Review--Written at Different Levels of Bloom's Taxonomy $

These task cards are differentiated to help students that read at different levels. Short informational text passages are included that build content area knowledge and vocabulary. Students identify and analyze how authors use text structure. This is perfect for Common Core Standards RI.5 Text Structure and RI.4 Vocabulary.$

Could be adapted into a collage game with pre-cut shapes of various colors and sizes. Kids would place the shapes first, rolling the die a specified number of times, then rearrange if desired before gluing them down.

~BRAND NEW~ Grade 8 Daily Common Core Reading Practice Weeks 1-20 (100 Passages)-Students can analyze figurative language, character traits, author's purpose, integrate texts, determine the theme of a reading passage and more in just five minutes a day with these 100 different Common Core aligned passages. The questions are text dependent and include close reading, multiple choice, and short response.$

Earth Science Interactive Notebook a short passage is included for every topic too! Interactive journal inserts and helpful vocabulary words are included as well. Topics include: the water cycle, water on Earth, the rock cycle, earthquakes and more. This is a fun way to learn about science. STEM and Common Core Next Generation Science Standards aligned $

Differentiating with Area and Perimeter - use your tile floor in the classroom or hallway to help students practice identifying the area and perimeter of irregular polygons! They loved it in my classroom and were completely engrossed the whole time.

Anchor Chart on different ways to solve multi-digit addition problems.

Literacy & Math Ideas: STEM in the Classroom: Circuits

Literacy & Math Ideas: Converting Decimals

Literacy & Math Ideas: Comparing Decimals

Middle School Common Core resources-Reading passages and Common Core questions are included with each document. Daily Common Literature practice that can be completed in just five minutes a day, Common Core exit slips, close reading literature and informational text passages, and more.$

These 140+ task cards are unique because they TEACH and REVIEW decimal topics. Questions are posed at different complexity levels to promote thorough understanding of topics. Independent review cards, step-by-step diagrams, examples, illustrations, and more are included to help students understand a variety of decimal topics. Printable boxes, student recording forms, and answer keys are included. The document makes math review and Common Core preparation much easier.

Laura Candler's Geometry Resources - Loads of free geometry printables and other helpful resources for grade 3 through 6

FREE templates for 3D geometry chain using origami. A great way to learn the names of 3D shapes. Also, folding and cutting is a great chance to talk about fractions. More here:

It's snowing angles! Identify acute, obtuse, and right angles in a free printable and make a popsicle stick snowflake!

OMG! I need to make one for 5th graders! The 4th Grade May-niacs: Math Review Folder

Middle School OCD: Circles, Supplementary, & Complementary Angles

76 self-teaching math task cards that TEACH and REVIEW Common Core Standard 5.NF.A.1. Plus it comes with a printable box to make storage convenient. Place a box of task cards in a math center station. Send home a box with a student that needs extra review. Follow this link for additional self-teaching math task cards that cover a variety of topics. ~Common Core Made Easier~

Common Core Assessments-This document contains an informational text passage plus assessments in two different formats for assessing student understanding of Point of View Common Core Standard RI.5.6. Choose from using the multiple-choice or written-response formats in this document. Or, use both! This document also contains an answer key and an assessment rubric.

Bloom's Taxonomy overlapping Costa's Levels of Questioning.