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22 Kettlebell Exercise: Kettlebell Workouts For Women

Kettlebell is prob the best thing out there. Works everything at once! 22 Awesome KettleBell Workouts


Train Like a Victoria's Secret Model With This 10-Minute Arm Workout


24 Best Yoga Poses To Lose Weight Quickly And Easily

Best Yoga Asanas For Losing Weight Quickly And Easily: There are 24 best yoga asanas for weight loss. These include back-bend exercises, standing asanas, sitting asanas and much more.

5 Benefits of Facial Yoga (Plus 2 Facial Yoga Poses to Try)

Did you know facial yoga can actually help with anti-aging? Here are two poses to try out to help say goodbye to crow's feet and stick to crow's pose! #yoga #antiaging

Unlocking tight shoulders and chests are something that I focus on constantly with my yoga students, CrossFitters and training clients. Rounded shoulders and tight chest muscles have become the norm in our society as we are constantly hunched over desks and steering wheels and carrying heavy bags or

21 Songs That'll Pump You Up To Work Out

Lose Weight, Reduces bloating and improves metabolism efficiency. By massaging these points, the corresponding body area receives specific therapeutic treatment It's important to drink plenty of warm water after the massage, helps to clear away toxic substances in our body.

Burns as many calories as a 40-60 minutes run. Makes your body adapt and improve very quickly. Increases metabolism for up to the next 36 hrs. Takes only FOUR minutes, Developed by a Japanese Scientist. NO EXCUSES. #exercise ------ for real???