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I ❤️❤️ Doctor Who

I ❤️❤️ Doctor Who

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This! Hand in hand! It's the most beautiful little gest i know! ❤️ From the first time with Nine and Rose - first episode I saw with The Doctor - to Ten and Rose... This lovely gest! ... ❤️ The Doctor... Hand in hand with his companion ❤️

Oh look, satan made a photo set


Doctor Who - moonlessheart

Doctor who, Robot of Sherwood

Oh the feels....

Because a Doctor Who board is not complete without this gif.

The Phone Call ("You better get that -- it might be your boyfriend.") *cue the tears*

If you didn't get teary during this you're a Dalek.

They do say "run" an awful lot in Dr. Who.... This also makes me want to sing this randomly

Doctor who funny

Donna Noble. Doctor Who. Doctor Donna. The Doctor's Daughter.

Lots of running…

The Doctor and Vincent.

I can't even contemplate what this could have meant. It just.. no. NO.


The Angels Take Manhattan. gonna cry now.

He made himself perfect for Rose.... How beautiful!

Fit Blogger We Love: Nurse on the Run | The Fit Stop


thought i was finally getting over this but nope nope nope

Doctor Who


Rose Tyler and the 10th Doctor Doctor Who. Go ahead, make me cry until I rip a hole in Time and Space.

Mickey: What's a horse doing on a spaceship? The Doctor: Mickey, what's Pre-Revolutionary France doing on a spaceship? Get a little perspective!

"The Doctor and Amy Pond... and the days that never came." This always makes me cry.

11 & Clara

Nine, Ten, Eleven, and Twelve