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Blessed Be

Blessed Be

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Backyard pagan altar

How to make encharmed waters. 1. Write charm, word or sigil with watercolor pencil. 2. Place it into water while praying, chanting, spinning in circles and drooling on yourself, or whatever else does it for you. 3. Once the majority of pigment has run off into the water use it to dress objects, anoint people, sprinkle about a place, add to baths, floor washes, or to the laundry water; or (provided they’re non-toxic) infuse it with herbs to make a potion.

Wiccan jewelry

'wagon wheel' around pole Beautiful, we did this in 8th grade and all the girls wore pastel skirts to match their streamer. Fond memories!!

Moon: #Moon Magic Throughout the Year.

New moon manifestations

The Elements

Book of shadows blessing

Break binding

I think the strength one is amazing idea for a tattoo

The best thing I've read all day!

  • Silvana Lamb
    Silvana Lamb

    Really Amazing!

Practical Magic

threshold protection

DIY tutorial on #engraving stones or #runestones // Anleitung zum Steine Gravieren, oder Runen

Lunar Water magic spells ancient recipe Moon magic

Celtic Moon Pentacle - Pagan Wiccan Print -

The Pentacle!

Under the protection of the Goddess

CyberMoon Emporium WitchCraft Supplies - Your online New Age, Metaphysical, Occult and Witchcraft Super store; Witch Books, WItchcraft Books, Wicca Books, Wiccan Books

Protection Chant

Do these common cooking herbs have secret powers? See the animated version and 5 recipe ideas on our Tumblr

Witches Besom by WayOfTheCauldron, $24.99. I like how the hay is dyed. I've seen the charms and colored wood used before, but dying the hay is new.

Cypher Wheel Cipher Disk Wood with Theban, Ogham, Enochian, & Celtic Rune Scripts in Black Ink, for your Secret Codes.