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For members of Moms Who Write and Blog: We are moms. We are bloggers. We are writers. We write mom lit, chick lit, and parent humor. Who knows what else will come out of our brains & on to the page. Visit our site:

Put your hands up and slowly step away from the video games.... take 2 min to read this funny and poignant blog post about starting new family traditions.

Mom's Creme de Cadbury (Mock) Drink for Easter #Cadbury #parentinghumor

Menopausal Mother: The Well Tempered Bards: Guest Bard: The Shape of July

This is probably more than you need to know about poop. Or porn. I'm sorry.

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Celebrating THE PIN FAIL! How mistakes can teach kids about discovery, experimentation and HAVING FUN with your creations. #pinfail #discovery #experimentation

We have found and tested a way to get our Page hopping that is actually, dare we say, fun: The Facebook Flash Giveaway. #bloggingtips

Just found out I'm featured today over at Midlife Boulevard! Find out why I'm Born To Be Menopausal (with a funny twist, of course!) Please stop by and leave some comment love if you can. Thanks! midlifeboulevard....

A Spicy Cucumber Margarita Recipe! A fresh, low-cal, margarita with a bite! www.OneClassyMoth...

10 Things I've Learned in 10 Years of Marriage #humor #relationships #love

A little career counseling, and a conversation about what to call your company when you have no idea what you'll be producing or selling, or to whom. #teenparenting #careersthatdontsuck

I don't have a life bucket list, but I sure as hell have a Parental Bucket List. Are these on yours? #Funny #Bucketlist #Kids #Parenting #Shitastrophy

#Achievement and #Morality Require Different Strategies ~ Urban Moo Cow

Need some Kindling for Conversation? Think talking to your kids about alcohol is hard. It's easier than you think.

Dog parks and kid parks are similar in 11 hilarious ways! #humor #parenting #pets

You can't wrap them in bubble wrap, so I offer this prayer instead.

Smells like mom spirit

After this winter, it is time for some light and funny reading. Nothing better than sunshine and laughter. #humor #books

Urban Moo Cow: Where I'm From. Where are you from? #family #history

CHEAPO WINO REVIEW A smooth chardonnay for under 13 bucks...because you should be saving your money for family therapy...or a boob job. whichever. WWW.ONECLASSYMOTH...

My 100 Mile March | Or: How to not be the a-hole at the meeting #weightwatchers #running

It may seem like no big deal for YOU to skip immunizations for your kids. Unfortunately, you're part of a community or, rather, a "herd." #parenting