Local Dental Websites

Local Dental Websites

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Local Dental Websites
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What do you do when you lose a permanent tooth? Bridges and dentures are commonly used to replace missing teeth, but they can damage the surrounding g

Dental Implants: Assessing the Risks & Benefits. Infographic Case in point: brush your teeth

I had one of these but left it in Memphis.  Wish I had it back!!

This tooth shaped planter is a cute dental office decoration! Nice gift for the dentist or dental hygienist in your family.

8 Ways to Help Ease Your Child’s Fear of the #Dentist #dentalfear #childrensoralhealth

8 Ways to Help Ease Your Child’s Fear of the Dentist. DO NOT USE scary words to instill fear/threaten children. Always keep it positive

64.7 million American adults have some form of Periodontal disease.  For help maintaining your oral health check us out at http://www.gilmandds.com

Statistically, million American adults are experiencing certain level of periodontal disease. Let's learn 5 simple steps to prevent periodontal disease.

Should we all stop saying "You're gonna swell up like a chipmunk?" Smile Savvy, dental internet marketing @ www.smilesavvy.com #SmileSavvyInc #dental-internet-marketing

Chipmunk trying to hid fact it has two huge nuts in its cheeks, with caption of the look: When you've started eating and someone says Let's say grace, and starts praying.