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A Self Reflection Of An “Un-Cool Girl” #localyours #confession #blog #blogger #SelfReflection http://localyours.com/2015/09/08/a-self-reflection-of-an-un-cool-girl/

Here are a few warning signs from the universe to let you know when you are headed in the wrong path and creating a reality that you don't want!

Struggles Which Every New Parent Goes Through . #newborn #infant #struggle #newlifestyle #mother #father #child  http://localyours.com/2015/09/07/struggles-which-every-new-parent-goes-through/

Whoever coined the phrase "sleep like a baby" is a mean, dirty liar, to which any parent of a newborn can attest. Newborns don't so much "sleep" as they nap between bouts of feeding, crying, and diaper changes. Sleep-deprived parents will do just abo…

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It Matters, An Awesome Sex Ed App, Is Launching In The Fall, Plus 5 Other Apps Changing How We Access Sexual Health and Education Resources

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Major High Blood Pressure Risk Factors Generally, doctors and news reports cite obesity and high salt content as major contributors to people having high blood pressure.