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People I Admire

People I Admire

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Michio Kaku

President Barack Obama presents a 2010 Presidential Medal of Freedom to Rep John Lewis. "Hate is a heavy burden to carry" - Congressman John Lewis

Nina Simone & James Baldwin1950s

Annette Gordon-Reed, professor, first African-American to win Pulitzer Prize for History. Received National Humanities Medal 2010.

I am at once a physician, a citizen and a woman, and I am not willing to stand aside and allow this concept of expendable human lives to turn this great land of ours into just another exclusive reservation where only the perfect, the privileged and the planned have the right to live. - Dr. Mildred Jefferson (1926-2010) The first Black woman to graduate from Harvard Medical School

Alex Haley -inspires me.

Feb 28 Anna Julia Haywood Cooper "Religion must be life made true," she wrote in A Voice from the South, "and life is action, growth, development - begin now and end never. And life made true cannot confine itself - it must reach out..." Cooper received degrees from Oberlin College and a Ph.D. from Paris' Sorbonne at age 65. She was the 4th African-American woman to receive a Ph.D. She died at age 104 having devoted her life to scholarship and advocacy for African-Americans.

Shirley Chisholm. First African American woman elected to the U.S. Congress.

This is a photo of the first Black girl to attend an all white school in the United States—Dorothy Counts—being jeered and taunted by her white, male peers. This photo encompasses a lot of things that I really hate: prejudice, ignorance, racism, sexism, inequality…but it also encompasses strength, determination, inspiration.

  • Stephanie Legare
    Stephanie Legare

    See those sea of faces in the back... At least one of them--maybe two of them; has had a deep sense of regret about their actions! I'm a firm believer that we don't recognize payback when it's received... We just must continue to believe that God is merciful towards each and everyone of us. This photos makes me proud to be who & what I am!!! My ancestors gave me tall, wide & strong shoulders to stand on. And I'm forever greatful♥

“Rape as an orchestrated weapon of war is a cold hearted and a most despicable crime by men who were (presumably born of women). It is designed to stigmatise and humiliate women in the worst possible way. We owe it our sisters to use our visibility and our voices to show our support of them, our solidarity with them, our empathy (and sympathy) of their trauma, and just as importantly denounce the crime and call the world’s attention to it so that it is stemmed.” Chika Unigwe is an Afro-Bel...

Robin Roberts

Though born into slavery Biddy Mason gained freedom for herself and her children in 1856. Only ten years later she had saved enough money to purchase property, making her the first African American women to own land in Los Angeles. A nurse and midwife by profession, she helped found the first elementary school for African American children in Los Angeles,

Alice Walker

Frederick Douglass

Huey P. Newton

  • Johnitta Wells
    Johnitta Wells

    Black Panther Party!

  • Stephanie Legare
    Stephanie Legare

    Laila... A real 'T.K.O'♥

Changed the world--A quality of courage that's hard to imagine.Elizabeth Eckford (1941- ) is the most famous of the Little Rock Nine, the first nine black students to go to Little Rock Central High School in the American state of Arkansas. She is not a household name but the picture taken by Will Counts of her going to school that first day, on September 4th 1957, with whites shouting at her, is world famous.

1968 Memphis Sanitation Workers Strike.1300 Black sanitation workers went on strike in Memphis.Discontent had been building w/poor treatment, racism, & dangerous work conditions,& the deaths of their fellow workers Echol Cole & Robert Walker was the straw that broke the camel’s back.The signs they held stating “I Am A Man” are now legendary both in the context of the Civil Rights Movement & in Labor History.Their statement,that they were men,was a radical reclamation of their identity & dignity.

Sojourner Truth

“Stagecoach” Mary Fields (c. 1832-1914) was born a slave in Tennessee and following the Civil War, she moved to the pioneer community of Cascade, Montana. In 1895, when she was around 60 years old, Fields became the second woman and first African American carrier for the US Postal Service. Despite her age, she never missed a day of work in the ten years she carried the mail and earned the nickname “Stagecoach” for her reliability. Fields loved the job, despite the many...

Marian Anderson In 1939, the DAR refused to let Anderson sing in DC's Constitution Hall because she was black. First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt resigned from the DAR, and her husband's administration arranged an outdoor concert at the Lincoln Memorial for a crowd of 75,000 and millions of radio listeners. Anderson was the first African American to sing with the Metropolitan Opera, and in 1958 became a delegate to the United Nations.

BLACK PANTHER PARTY FOR SELF-DEFENSE, American black revolutionary party founded in 1966 in Oakland, CA., by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale.

Nat King Cole! (photo via Capitol Records Archives)

All hail the Queen

Langston Hughes - 1930s