Loddy Micucci

Loddy Micucci

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Loddy Micucci
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Alkalize and Energize

Alkalize and energize to get the very best out of you with seven point 2 The Alkaline Company! Seven Point 2 make it easy to alkalize your body.

How to become a successful leader fast

I absolutely LOVE motivational quotes. Throughout high school and college I would find fun quotes and post them in my bedroom, in my planner.

Law Of Attraction myth or fact

Law Of Attraction myth or fact

The Law Of Attraction

When was thee last time you took a few minutes just to savor the things that made yoau happy? Has your fast paced life and heavy workload kept you from enjoying what's around you?

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How can you stop feeling overwhelmed is a really good question. Read how you can take some practical steps to stop feeling overwhelmed.

Top 10 time management tips | working from home

Event planning is an industry that runs In order to be successful, event managers need to plan well and to control their time with maximum

I am a leader

I am a leader is a statement we would all like to say confidently. Here is a list of thoughts, questions and qualities of what it means to say I am a leader.

Free permanent weight-loss pdf

Free permanent weight-loss pdf provides you with practical no fuss tips on how to achieve your perfect weight. Learn to get rid of weight not just lose it.