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Nice rack

turkey hunting tips


Amazing turkey mount

Trophy Hunting Products BackSeat Bowsling AP Camo.


Disregard these 10 myths about your deer hunting rifle and ammunition.

Rise of the Female Hunter - Muck Boot Company

Check out our Awesome Interview with Rebecca Francis

  • Joanna Halford
    Joanna Halford

    I was being SARCASTIC Marja!!!!

  • Marja

    English is not my language. I do not see the nuances.

  • Marja


  • Joanna Halford
    Joanna Halford

    No need to apologise ;-) in England we use sarcasm a lot, but forget that this doesn't translate across other languages and cultures xx:-)

  • Joanna Halford
    Joanna Halford

    I've deleted the comment in case I upset more people!!

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Ginny’s Moose!