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The TRUTH about Miniature Pigs

Miniature pigs are sold under a number of cutsie names, but none of them are true or accurate. Breeders manufacture names such as "Dandy-Pigs," "Teacup-Pigs," "Micro-Pigs," "Tiny-Pigs," "Nano-Pigs," "Thimble-Pigs," "Pocket-Pigs,"  "Pixy-Pigs," and "Micro-Minis" to help them sell. None of these names, conjured up to reflect a diminutive size, are true breeds of pig, nor are they true "size classes," nor do they accurately reflect the final size, needs, or behavior of the animal.

The TRUTH about Miniature Pigs

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Piggy Myths

Best Friends Animal Society Responds to Pig "Tea Cup" Craze.

Our good friends Andrew and Kito of

Breeders often use cute photos of small piglets (sometimes representing them as being substantially older than they actually are) in order to perpetuate lucrative "Micro" and "Teacup" pig myths. Photo credit: Lori Greig / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

Squirt arrived 3 May 2012 at only 7 weeks old, having been torn from his mother at less than one week old to be sold off by a horrible breeder... this breeder had promised the people that paid $1000 for him that his dad was only 9-pounds so he wouldn't get any bigger than that! ...The false trend of "tea cup" pigs should be stopped and these breeders should be put out of business.

Ching Farm Animal Rescue & Sanctuary

Hamlette www.businessweek....

Hamlette the Micro-Pig Turns Macro, Sleeps With Goat

More newborns...

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Micro Pigs?

Remember that viral video of an adorable miniature pig heading downstairs to get oatmeal? Guess how big he is now...

baby wild boar (Guess what's in the genetic mix if your piglet has these markings!)

Please don't ever purchase a pig based on a picture of this nature! This is a newborn! Look closely, and you can still see the umbilical cord! This is a Potbellied crossbreed. It will take about 5 years for this animal to reach full maturity, at which point it will weigh 90 to 250 pounds as an adult, depending on ancestry.

  • Lindsey Childs
    Lindsey Childs

    Thank you! People need to know the truth :D

SCAMPP. Telling it like it is. If you are interested in getting a Micro Pig or a Teacup Pig, please watch this!

Even BIG pigs start out tiny!

Everyone loves them when they are newborns.

Daily Squee: Cowboy Piglet
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    Chrissy McCann

    I love mine more now that she's older to be honest. The bond I have with her is amazing. :) Best pets ever.

Sold as a "Micro" Pig.

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    Alyssa Rose Marie

    those people lied! lol

Sold as a "Micro" Pig.

This wee piglet isn't more than a few weeks old. In a few short months, this little girl will no longer be able to lift it!

These days-old piglets will exceed 100 pounds when they are finished growing!

little tiny things - ofpaperandponies: Miniature pig piglets at Zoo...

Kunekunes are a miniature breed originating in New Zealand. Like all miniature pigs, the are friendly and affectionate. They are known for their colorful coats and reach weights in excess of 200 pounds when mature.

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  • Victoria Ozenghar
    Victoria Ozenghar


Putting things in perspective: Arnold (left) is a mature miniature pig weighing in at about 165 pounds. Charlie (right) is a mature mixed farm-breed weighing in at over 600 pounds. Bridgette (front and center) was sold as a "Dandy". She is only a few months old in this photo. Since this photo was taken, she has exceeded 50 pounds and still has 3 to 4 more years to grow before reaching maturity.

When you see pictures of tiny piglets next to teacups, you are looking at newborns and animals that are just days old.

There is no such creature as a "Teacup Pig".

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    Simone Vaas

    Very good to show this!

Anyone can open a certificate template and print a guarantee. Adult miniature pigs achieve a healthy adult weight range of 90 to 250 pounds. This IS miniature. Their farm-bred cousins routinely exceed 1000 pounds if allowed to reach full maturity.

We frequently speak with pig owners who spent hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of dollars on a tiny piglet, only to find out they were given incorrect information about the animals true adult size and needs.

Miniature breeds available for sale and adoption in the US include Potbellied, Kunekune, Gottingen, and occasionally Yucatan, Mulefoot, or Ossabaw. ALL of these pigs should exceed 90 pounds at maturity; many will exceed 200 pounds. Please don't fall for fictitious breed names created to command a high price on a tiny piglet!