Lolita Beausoleil
Lolita Beausoleil
Lolita Beausoleil

Lolita Beausoleil

  • St Felix De Valois Quebec
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Je suis une mère, grand-mère, soeur, fille, cousine, amie et surtout une Témoin de notre Créateur Jéhovah.

remember being "glued" to the wall? This was another fast, exciting ride at the fair that was a favorite of mine. When the spinning reached a certain speed, the bottom would drop. It was so cool! :)

Spent many hours laying in one of these

Watching The Price is Right with Bob Barker

Memorial to potato famine, Dublin. This is so amazing to see in person. The reason why some of my Irish ancestors came to America

Voguinett: Michael Kors A/H 2008

photos of yogi bear cartoon - Google Search

Jehovah Witnesses volunteering At a Kingdom Hall build in Brazil.

50 pipe cleaner animals...hands on activity to go along with learning about land animals

swag activated(gif) I laughed too hard! Repin!! You may never see this again!

Alison Saar sculptures in Madison Square Park, photo by Gwyneth Leech

make yourself moldable for Jehovah

Ceiling to floor bookcases... *I'm so glad to have the ginormous orange steel warehouse shelving...Works well for us ☺️

Heading to the territory to preach to an indigenous group in Costa Rica that speak BriBri.

This is so bad but so funny! I thought of Marc when I saw this! LOL @Crystal Chou Gaidosh. @Candace Renee Moriah, @Jess Liu H

Thankfully Jehovah is very loving and patient God!

Serving Jehovah at all ages at the regional convention in Bakersfield, California. There are 86 years that separate these two but they are the best of friends. Photo shared by @dddbeckett Submit your...

Japanese delegates at the international convention in Atlanta, Georgia.

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