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BoobiesStudy3 by LollipopJelly

BoobiesStudy3 by LollipopJelly

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Selfie girl by LollipopJelly on DeviantArt

Hopefully she don't mind being disturbed while taking her selfies.

Catgirl Mia 2 by LollipopJelly on DeviantArt

She seems to be in playful mode. Another illustration of my catgirl character.

Spread Those Sexy Legs Apart!

The hottest teen and college babes wearing socks, knee highs, thigh highs and stay-up stockings


Would you like to go for a walk?

Catgirl Mia by LollipopJelly

Found one great photo online that had nice subsurface scattering happening, so wanted to make a quick study from it.

Request by LunaticLily13 by LollipopJelly on DeviantArt

a request by original character (Rebecca) design by Wanted to try a bit more high key values cos usually been using kinda dark ones b. Request by