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Warning for Parents: Look Out for 'Blue Whale Challenge'

How to enforce life skills that tech might be eroding

Here are five ways tech has nibbled away at valuable life skills and experiences -- such as courtesy, conversation, being bored and appreciating simple pleasures -- and what parents can do about it.

(or Beebee-Ate) is a droid character in the Star Wars franchise, first appearing in the 2015 Star Wars: The Force Awakens. is Star Wars new, evil version of Star Wars Droides, Star Wars Toys, Sith, Starwars, Jouet Star Wars, Character Design Challenge, Evil Twin, The Force Is Strong, Last Jedi

'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' will have a new evil droid: BB-9E

BB-8 is about to meet its dark side BB-9E

Thirty-two years ago yesterday, Lady Diana Spencer married Prince Charles and became the Princess of Wales. Now three decades after her epic wedding and almost Princess Diana Dresses, Princess Diana Fashion, Prinz Philip, Prinz Charles, John Travolta, Cara Delevingne, Kate Middleton, Iconic Dresses, Diane

Princess Diana's death changed how Britons saw their royals

Diana's death changed how Britons saw their royals

US fighter jets stage mock bombing drill over Korean Peninsula — CNN Us Fighter Jets, Us Bombers, Korean Peninsula, Air Force Bases, Guam, Flyer, North Korea, Pacific Ocean, South Dakota

US fighter jets stage mock bombing drill over Korean Peninsula

US South Korea fly bombers over Korean Peninsula

Japan's deputy prime minister blames women 'not giving birth' for declining population

Japanese deputy PM apologizes for latest controversial Nazi comments

One of Japan's top leaders has apologized for making controversial remarks about Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany.

Judge: Democrat Bob Menendez Must Face Corruption Charge in Court ~ Menendez, facing bribery, fraud charges, fails to get case dismissed

DOJ details case against New Jersey senator

Private jets lavish getaways: The case against US senator

Police arrest man they say planned to kill French President Emmanuel Macron at Bastille Day parade

Macron faces test with French labor reforms

Macron faces key test as France outlines labor reforms

At least five ethnic Rohingya were killed and several injured after troops clashed with insurgents in Myanmar’s conflict-torn western state. Mrauk U, Human Rights Watch, Armed Conflict, Insurgent, Troops, At Least, Death, Army, Bagel Basket

Bodies of 20 Rohingya Muslims pulled from river on Bangladesh border

20 bodies pulled from river on Bangladesh border

Vettel extends title lead in Ferrari one-two

Vettel: 'My hunger to win is greater than ever'

Vettel: 'My hunger to win again is greater than ever'

Iraqi forces have seized the strategically important town of Tal Afar from ISIS, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said Thursday.

Tal Afar 'liberated' from ISIS

Iraqi forces have seized the strategically important town of Tal Afar from ISIS, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said Thursday.

Future of commerce, market, communication and entertainment now belongs to mobile. By dedicated mobile app development most of the desktop based computing operations can be brought to mobile platforms.

How To Hire A Traffic Lawyer

If you have been pulled over and issued with a ticket for a traffic offense like running a stop sign, crossing a red light or speeding, then hiring a traffic lawyer can help you get out of it. Hiring a good traffic lawyer can make the difference between paying the penalty and getting a warning or having your driving license suspended altogether.

How to Lighten Skin Naturally

Natural Ways to Lighten your Skin | TMF Info Hub

How to Lighten Skin Naturally

How to keep your owner-operator truck business up and running

How to keep your owner-operator truck business up and running | TMF Info Hub

These days, the supply vs. demand in the trucking market indicates that there are far more services and goods that need to be transported than there are owner-operator truckers available to actually transport them. Being an independent owner-operator means that… Continue Reading →

What are Kiwis left to do when Auckland decides it won't hold any public screenings of the World Cup? 7 Places, Rugby World Cup, Auckland, Sport Watches, New Zealand, Entertaining, News, Sports, Life

Benefits of watching sports | TMF Info Hub

It is easy to get carried away by sports. Therefore, aside from the happiness it brings, epic fandom of sports is often linked to a healthier life. In addition, sports bring a community together, whether you are a follower of… Continue Reading →

Services Offered By Attorneys

Services Offered By Attorneys | TMF Info Hub

The demand for real estate attorneys in the recent past has grown incredibly due to the boom in the property market. They are a useful professional who has a proper understanding of laws and regulations that guide property buying or… Continue Reading →

SEO Services Agency in Essex – Are your searching for SEO Agency in Essex North London? 1 SEO Services Agency in Essex offering the best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services in Southeast England. Call for SEO Services.

What Is SEO And How It Helps A Business | TMF Info Hub

The Internet has become the starting point of all searches whether it is a business being looked for, or product. It is the resource people turn to when they have a question that needs an answer. As a business owner,… Continue Reading →