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How did I NEVER put this together?!?! So damn funny!

More pallet furniture-sun room or nook in loft

Kitchen Island out of Pallet Wood

Simple wedding dress ... simple and sooo pretty the top!!!

A Line Strapless Ankle Length Tulle Ivory Wedding Dress B12162

From the Book Lady, "cheap, plastic, transparent pony beads in a 12" metal cake pan. It took quite a few, as I wanted the 'plate' to be thick enough to support the weight of a cake. Then, I baked the beads at 425 degrees for 30-40 minutes...until all the beads had completely melted. I let this cool in the pan for about 20 minutes, then popped it out of the pan (it came right out...really!) Next, I glued it onto a dollar store candle stick with E6000 glue."

Too Much City Kansas City ^

How to Make an Emergency Candle Out of a Tub of Crisco - Just pull out a tub of shortening, put a piece of string in the middle, and light it up. Not only will it burn, it'll last for 45 days—enough to get you through a zombie apocalypse or two. eHow recommends using a candle wick, but you should be able to use regular old string, too—some people even say a rolled up piece of paper makes a good wick.