I can not even stand how adorbale this puppy is! Pit Bulls & Itty Pitties - Why are these the cutest puppies ever.

Me gusta los cachorros porque son pequeños.

Pitbull puppy with some INTENSE sea green eyes. It's a shame to think that this beautiful breed's potential is constantly slandered by a violent stigma

Such a gorgeous guy

I hate that people do that to pits ears But other that that this is a gorgeous pit! (Leave doggies ears alone! Stop cutting them!

Esta raza de perro es conocido por sus habilidades de caza increíbles. El perro del leopardo de Catahoula Louisiana se dice que se originó a partir del estado de Louisiana se encuentra en la zona de Catahoula adquiriendo así el nombre de American Leopard Hound

This adorable Louisiana Catahoula Leopard dog who doesn't realize how cute he is! I have a female Catahoula named Breck, the breed is beautiful :)

Awwww.....this is just too sweet! ❤️❤️

25 Derpy Dogs In Ridiculously Awkward Sleeping Positions

Little blue pit bull baby smiling!!! Awwww

Little blue pit bull baby smiling! Awwww if we were every going to get another puppy, it would be this!